JAX - Justice and Anti-Corruption System

The Green Paper outlines an implementation of the Justice and Anti-Corruption System in a society and the functions of the different organs of society.

Key Members of a Jaxist society

  • Jaxians: All Members of a Jaxist society. Jaxians may delegate their votes to aJaxians who in turn represent the interests of Jaxians.
  • aJaxians: Members of a Jaxist society who represent Jaxians. aJaxians vote on behalf of Jaxians on a daily basis to progress towards the goal of Jaxism.
  • iJaxians: Members of a Jaxist society who uphold Justice. iJaxians interpret the laws in the event of a dispute or a conflict.
  • eJaxians: Members of a Jaxist society who enforce the laws. eJaxians are responsible for enforcing the laws of the community and punishing offenders.
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The Yellow Paper

The Yellow Paper proves the technological feasibility of implementing a Jaxist society using blockchain technology.

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